Internet of Vehicles

Sharing at its core similar concepts to the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) refers to the intelligent communication between vehicles, automotives, or electronic devices through information exchange over the cloud. Such automated applications can be highly beneficial in terms of vehicle control, road safety, traffic management, urban surveillance, or transportation efficiency, but still need to deal with factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, altitude, shocks, vibrations, sudden power outage, or long hours of operation. Transcend’s industrial-grade memory solutions are designed and manufactured to address these issues.

Great thermal tolerance

Transcend’s complete ruggedized flash and DRAM module line is tailored to overcome the thermal challenge vehicular devices face. Wide Temperature technology allows devices to withstand and operate reliably in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. Thermal Sensor helps prevent damages caused by overheating.

Stable and fully-protected

Vehicles transport goods across diverse environmental conditions. Transcend’s Conformal Coating technology protects devices from dust, electrical interference, and moisture, while Underfill and Corner Bond increase protection against mechanical stress. Our modules are tested to sustain shock and vibration, boosting system robustness. When the power supply is unstable, the Intelligent Power Shield prolongs the time for data to complete the writing process in the event of sudden power outage, enhancing data transfer reliability.

All form factors available

Transcend’s embedded memory products come in a variety of form factors to accommodate the stringent spatial constraints of various devices and equipment used among various vehicles.

Aanbevolen producten

Transcend biedt customization opties voor geselecteerde modellen. Neem contact met ons op voor meer gedetailleerde informatie.

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