Find a compatible Transcend product to meet your needs by using the drop-down list or keyword search:

Device Model(ex. MacBook) or Complete Transcend P/N(ex. TS256MSK64V1U)

The database for compatibility check is established according to the results of Transcend's internal test, and is only for your reference to choose suitable Transcend products.

Apple MacBook (Notebook)

  • Standard Memory :
  • Maximum Memory :
  • Slots :
  • CPU :
  • Bus Architecture :
  • Chipsets :
  • Expansion :
  • Comments :

USB Flash Drives


JetFlash 890

  • TS128GJF890S

JetFlash 890

  • TS64GJF890S

JetFlash 890

  • TS32GJF890S

Card Readers & Accessoires


Smart Reader RDC2

  • TS-RDC2K

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