Transcend Unveils New DDR5 DRAM Modules


Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leading manufacturer of memory and digital storage products, has announced its new-generation DDR5 DRAM modules targeting business and personal computers. In compliance with the JEDEC standards, Transcend’s DDR5 memory modules take speed, capacity, and reliability even further, bringing ground-breaking performance to metaverse, high performance computing (HPC), and virtual economy.

The DDR5 module starts its speed at 4800 MT/s, a 50% increase compared to its predecessor, while the DDR4 is at 3200 MT/s. Its strengths lie not only in its high bandwidth, but low power consumption, because the operating voltage has dropped from 1.2V to 1.1V, which effectively enhances the overall power efficiency. The DDR5 is also equipped with the on-module Power Management IC, which allows for better control of system power and a higher signal integrity. Meanwhile, the on-die ECC mechanism pushes the system reliability to a new level for computing-intensive applications.

In response to the demanding environment in industrial applications, Transcend's industrial-grade DDR5 ECC DIMMs and Registered DIMMs are incorporated with 30µ” PCB gold fingers and anti-sulfur technology. These technologies ensure the memory modules can withstand environmental impacts and guarantee data transmission in unfavorable conditions, building a solid foundation for growing 5G applications, 24/7 enterprise servers, and a vastly deployed edge computing. In regards to the consumer market, the cutting-edge bandwidth and dual 32-bit transfer channels play a crucial role in empowering professional media editors and gamers alike, providing revolutionary transfer performance.

Transcend's DDR5 memory modules comply with the JEDEC standards. Apart from Unbuffered Long-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, ECC DIMMs and Registered DIMMs are available to business clients for more advanced and diverse applications. Currently, the products are in the mass production stage, and are in the process of compatibility tests. With a professional R&D team, strict quality control, and stable product supply, Transcend's launch of new-gen DDR5 DRAM modules is expected to help enterprises deliver better results in the HPC market like never before.

Transcend's DDR5-4800 DRAM modules are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit the Transcend website for more details:

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