Creating an Remote Access account

Category : Setup / Operation

1. Click the Remote Access icon.

2. There are two possible connection statuses:

  • Service is running : Remote Access is enabled.
  • Service stopped : Remote Access is not enabled. Please enable your Remote Access. If the service is still stopped, check if the router of your StoreJet Cloud is correctly installed and your internet is connected.

3. You need to register an account before starting the Remote Access service. Click New Account and enter your email address and password. Note: The password must be between 6-20 characters.

4. After registering, an activation email will be sent to your email address. To activate Remote Access service, check your email box and click Activate in the activation email. Check your Trash if you do not see the email in Inbox.

5. You can now use the iOS or Android App to connect to StoreJet Cloud using your email address. Or, you can use Chrome Web App to access StoreJet Cloud device if you are using PC or Mac computer.

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