Why is the storage capacity of my StoreJet (external-HDD) shown on the computer less than the volume written on the package?

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All hard drives including Transcend StoreJet series will display a less memory capacity on a computer than stated.  The discrepancy results from the way hard drive manufacturers calculate the megabyte of memory.

Windows calculates a megabyte (or 1,000x1,000 bytes) as 1,000KBs, when in fact the correct calculation is 1,024KBs. So, for a 320GB hard drive, Windows will calculate it as having a capacity of 298GB (320,000,000,000/1,024/1,024/1,024=298GB).

The differences between the actual capacity shown on the computer and stated on the package are shown as below.

On package     On PC

160GB             149GB
250GB             232GB
320GB             298GB
500GB             465GB
640GB             596GB
750GB             698GB 
1TB                  931GB
1.5TB               1397GB
2TB                  1863GB

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