Wide Temperature


Industrial applications often expose flash and DRAM modules to extreme working temperatures. Harsh environments are a major test for consumer-grade flash products and DRAM modules, and can cause problems in industrial PC applications, Internet of Things-connected devices, vehicles, factories, and outdoor systems.

Transcend's wide temperature technology

To ensure that all of its devices can be operated under even the harshest conditions, Transcend utilizes wide temperature technology, allowing our flash and DRAM modules to operate and perform reliably in extreme temperatures.

Transcend has implemented a proprietary wide temperature testing process to ensure the reliability of both its flash products and DRAM modules. Each product is tested in a Wide Temperature Cycle Chamber. Wide temperature products are those that have passed this rigorous internal test.

Flash products and DRAM module put under extreme, rapidly changing temperatures in a Wide Temperature Cycle Chamber are subjected to the most stringent of testing conditions.

Note: The ambient temperature (Ta) is used as the reference temperature.

Transcend's wide temperature products

Transcend offers wide temperature products in a variety of storage capacities and form factors. See Tables 1 and 2.

Note: The ambient temperature (Ta) is used as the reference temperature.

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