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DDR4-2400Unbuffered MemoryCL=17

Built to exacting specifications with the finest chips and components available, Transcend DDR4 SO-DIMM memory modules undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure unrivaled performance and stability for notebooks. Because small form-factor cases and slim notebook enclosures usually mean tightly spaced components with limited room for heat dissipation, Transcend's DDR4 SO-DIMM operates at a nominal voltage of just 1.2V to reduce heat production and overall power consumption.


Order Information


Capacity DRAM Part Number Description
4GB 512Mx8 TS512MSH64V4H 4GB DDR4 2400 SO-DIMM 1Rx8
8GB 1024Mx8 TS1GSH64V4B 8GB DDR4 2400 SO-DIMM 1Rx8
8GB 512Mx8 TS1GSH64V4H 8GB DDR4 2400 SO-DIMM 2Rx8
16GB 1024Mx8 TS2GSH64V4B 16GB DDR4 2400 SO-DIMM 2Rx8