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DrivePro Toolbox

The DrivePro Toolbox is developed for Transcend DrivePro series. Featured a user-friendly interface, the DrivePro Toolbox allows you to select and play videos recorded on your DrivePro Car Video Recorder without the need to install separate codecs.


Version 3.2

  • UI improvement.



Version 2.1

  • Trimming video function

  • Map with video annotation clustering

  • Support multi-language

Video Sorting

Easily sorts videos by filename, recording date or group.

Smooth Video Playback

Connect the DrivePro or use a microSD card slot supported card reader or adapter to play back recorded video events on your computer.

Edit and Trim Videos

Select a video, trim it and save it as a new clip immediately. You can also capture snapshots from your videos during playback.

Display Driving Paths

View the driving paths of your journey displayed on maps along with the recorded video.

*This feature only works with DrivePro models with a GPS receiver (DrivePro™ 550, DrivePro™ 520, DrivePro™ 520, DrivePro™ 230, and DrivePro™ 220).

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