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Transcend Elite App

The Transcend Elite app is designed to work with Transcend's JetFlash USB OTG flash drives, OTG card readers, ESD portable SSDs, and Android devices that support USB On-The-Go. The app synchronizes your mobile devices, Transcend OTG product, and Transcend Elite PC toolbox, offering you a full scale management of your data.


The app organizes digital files stored on the mobile device, SD memory card, and Transcend’s OTG device, by automatically sorting by file type.


Select the file type(s) you want to backup and the backup destination. Tap the backup button, and the app will take it from there.


Lock and unlock the entire portable solid state drive.

*Only works with the ESD220C, ESD230C, ESD240C, and ESD250C for now.


Displays the remaining capacity of the mobile device and cache size. You can also choose to clear the cache.

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