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The database for compatibility check is established according to the results of Transcend's internal test, and is only for your reference to choose suitable Transcend products.

Mac Pro, Mid 2012 (Workstation)

  • Standard Memory : 6/8/12 GB (Removable)
  • Maximum Memory : 32 GB Quad-Core single CPU;64 GB 12-Core two CPU
  • Slots : 4 Sockets Quad-Core single CPU; 8 Sockets 12-Core two CPU
  • CPU : Intel Xeon 3500 series; Intel Xeon 5600 series
  • Bus Architecture : SATA
  • Chipsets :
  • Expansion :
  • Comments : MD770LL/A,MD771LL/A,MD772LL/A;
    Do not mix ECC Registered DIMMs with ECC Unbuffered DIMMs.
    To choose RDIMM or ECC UDIMM depends on which CPU and memory type you have.
    Intel Xeon 3500 series processor could not support ECC Registered DIMMs,TS8GJMA343H and TS4GJMA343H.
    Please check which CPU and memory you have before you buy the memory.

DRAM Modules



8GB DDR3 1333 ECC-DIMM 2Rx8

  • 8GB
  • 1.5V
  • 512Mx8
  • 2Rx8
  • TS8GJMA343H


4GB DDR3 1333 ECC-DIMM 2Rx8

  • 4GB
  • 1.5V
  • 256Mx8
  • 2Rx8
  • TS4GJMA343N


4GB DDR3 1333 ECC-DIMM 1Rx8

  • 1Rx8
  • TS4GJMA343H

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